Dear Empath ~ Joy Barrett

I write this letter to your sacred, divine heart with out stretched arms that wish to embrace all the suffering you have allowed yourself to endure. May you in return hear my words and allow them to settle upon your soul. May my words bring you comfort and peace of mind. For you are not alone. You have never

To Wake, Perchance To Dream ~ Karen Clark

Dreaming, like other aspects of our Deep Self, has been diminished in our culture to a flat, limited version of its true, vast potential. We have been taught that dreaming is an activity reserved for the dark of night and the oblivion of sleep. Sometimes we remember snippets of our dreams upon waking, but even these we barely pay

Aries And Competition ~ Nadia Gilchrist

Aries needs challenge to keep its fire burning, and nothing is more challenging than an objective to win. Mars and Venus are upping the game (especially in the romance department) but howyou deal with this depends on how you feel about competition. Some respond to it, others initiate it, and some shrink from the idea.

Is Life A Random Accident? ~ Laura Jane

Exciting evidence is emerging from the study of stars and comets showing us the universe is far more suited to support life than we previously thought. This new evidence has dramatic implications for how we approach some of the most important global issues. Is the Universe a Life Factory?

Jump In ~ Jasmine Irving

Things can look so different depending where you’re standing. That’s no secret piece of wisdom, it’s fairly obvious. But sometimes it’s easy to forget how much is perception and not reality. Or rather how our own unique realities are shaped by our perceptions.

Mars And Venus : Pisces Into Aries ~ Nadia Gilchrist

Building on yesterday’s New Moon post, the dance between Venus and Mars is significant. When these two get together, it’s hot. Sex (Mars) and love (Venus). What you want (Venus) and what you do to get it (Mars). “Hot” can apply to romance or any desired ambition (personal, professional). A unification of action and attraction spells opportunity, […]

Maiden Mother Crone ~ Joy Barrett

It seems to me that my life has always been in a state of transition. As a women I am fairly confident in saying most women probably feel the same. We play dress up, and pretend to be women. We bounce our pigtails and adore all things small and fluffy as our instinct to nurture grows. We step through

The Magic Cup Of The Good ~ Karen Clark

Every day whether life is blessing you or beating you down, you can fill up this magic cup. Because there is sunshine and beauty in every moment; even when your heart is so raw and torn up that you cannot see past your pain and suffering, someone or something will walk into the room and push away the shadows,

9 Key Traits To Discern A Narcissist ~ Sarah Saint-Laurent

Oh how easy life would be if all Narcissists were Dudley Do Right. I run the risk of dating myself back farther than necessary with this Dudley reference but I hope, because of its popularity, everyone will know who Dudley Do Right and Nell are and in fact Rocky and Bullwinkle too! I know I had my many,

Spiritually Imbalanced ~ Nicole Pinkston

They are talking. Some of us hear them, but only those willing to listen, Only those ready to accept the possibility that they are among us. The spirits are guiding us. They are trying to reach us. They are trying to birth healers that resonate within.

New Moon In Aquarius : Crossing The Threshold

This New Moon will be in the final degrees of Aquarius, acting as a bookend for the January 20th New Moon, at 0 degrees Aquarius. New beginnings triggered by this Moon may be connected to, or may round out, what happened on January 20th. This Moon makes no major aspects, but it doesn’t need to because the moment will

Mercury Direct ~ Nadia Gilchrist

Mercury stations direct (at 1 degree Aquarius) on February 11th. Whatever Mercury Rx in Aquariusstirred up will now see forward momentum. If Mercury Rx was the time to reconsider or do the opposite of what was expected, Mercury direct is the time to run with individuated ideas that move beyond reaction. You’re not just responding to events, you’re

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