Taste The Forbidden Fruit ~ Samantha Wilson

“A kind of light spread out from her. And everything changed colour. And the world opened out. And a day was good to awaken to. And there were no limits to anything. And the people of the world were good and handsome. And I was not afraid anymore.”

Connect To Your Inner Wild Woman ~ Jodi Sky Rogers

There is a place inside each of us that is wild. In this place, your spirit is free and unbridled and you embody your inner wild woman. Wildness is often associated with being reckless, loud, outrageous and taking big risks. But the truth is that we all express our inner wild woman differently. I see wildness as the space

Magic Tinted Glasses ~ Karen Clark

Practicing magic is like putting on a new pair of glasses and seeing the world in a wonderful, altered way. We wake up and drink in the mysteries that are in us and all around us, every moment of everyday. In place of separate, isolated events, we see the patterns and synchronicities that guide and direct our lives.

Influences From November 16th to 18th : Mercury And Saturn In Scorpio ~ Nadia Gilchrist

November 16th’s open vibe will be enhanced by Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto (at 11 degrees Capricorn). The sextile is quiet, so this one-day aspect suggests quiet reassurance for Mercury in Scorpio’s truth-telling agenda. Pluto (power and transformation) rules Scorpio, so it’s got Mercury’s back. You could discover something (Mercury in Scorpio loves to dig for secrets) that confirms

Soft And Powerless? ~ Ida Lawrence

Are ‘spiritual people’ soft and powerless? No, not at all, but I can see where the impression comes from. Dedication, work, focus, commitment, sacrifice, honesty, humility, practice, tenacity… one doesn’t gain inner power by imagining it: it requires effort. Why would we presume otherwise? Effort is required in any undertaking in life.

Nature’s Doorway To Higher Consciousness ~ Christine Horner

Einstein, Tesla, Emerson, Thoreau, and DiVinci are just a few who have revealed that Nature was a gateway to greater understanding into the workings of the Universe. Many a writer has divulged that daily walks in Nature revealed great insights into human behavior as well. What happens when one spends time in contemplation under a canopy of conifers or

Neptune Direct In Pisces ~ Nadia Gilchrist

Neptune stations direct (at 4 degrees Pisces) on November 16th. It’s been retrograde since June 9th(at 7 degrees). For those of you currently under the influence of a hard aspect (conjunction, opposition, square) from the planet of dreams and illusion, you’re that much closer to reaching the end of the foggy pathway.

Storytellers Of Her Beauty ~ Karen Clark

We are the storytellers and stewards of Her beauty, the Earth, our home. Our primal, natural place in the great weaving of life on this planet is not dominion, but sacred communion and protection. Of all of the Earth’s life forms, we have been given the gift of creative expression, along with the burden of destructive, domineering impulses.

Spiritual Work : Change Your Perspective Part 1 ~ Laura Jane

Take a moment to consider how everything and everyone is connected. We all have those moments when others are rude or inconsiderate or you witness extreme disparities of wealth in those around you or in a conversation where cultural differences, differences in opinion or understanding leads you to question whether you are on the same wavelength as your

A Plate Of Me And Hold The Nails ~ Juanita Sullivan

How long from the moment of birth are we given to be ourselves; a couple of months, a year if we are lucky? How long before someone is trying to change our sleep habits or even our personalities? Wait!!! What was that you just dressed me in!? UGH! Big Mama, you’re lucky I can’t talk yet!

An Explosive Mix ~ Nadia Gilchrist

November 7th to 9th sees a bold square between Venus (love, money, self-esteem) in Scorpio and Jupiter (at 21 degrees Leo). Venus in Scorpio wants to an extreme degree. Limits? Bah. Scorpio views limits as markers that point to what’s really desirable, just over that wall. All the better if it’s forbidden

Power To Do Good ~ Karen Clark

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we have been socialized to see the world through the black and white lens of good and bad. Good things come about through the best sides of our humanity and personal nature, bad things through our worst instincts and the shadowy, nasty places in our collective humanity.