Matrix : Sound The Bugle Now ~ Ida Lawrence

The matrix that we refer to is a network and system of control, created by the thoughts, decisions and deeds of intellectual, cold-hearted people in power. Like in the Matrix movie, people believe that the structure of this system and the information that is fed to them is the full extent of reality. It isn’t, and many of us

What Is A Dream ~ Cheryl O’Connor

I've been pondering this word Dream. For some it seems to mean a goal you set for yourself, that you work towards achieving. For others it seems to mean something that happens beyond your control whilst you "sleep" which often makes very little logical sense when you "wake" up.

The Fat Controllor ~ Ida Lawrence

Listen to the actual people, and not the news. Fairness, respect, truth, justice… these things need not be lost to us, even in times of scarcity. Everyone is capable of looking up: the cowboy hat, the hoodie, the hijab.

Fun, Fear And Faith : 5 Steps To Joy ~ Jennifer Hoffman

What do fun, fear, and faith have in common, other than they all start with the letter ‘f’? Quite a lot, actually, because they are tied to our life experience. We can’t have fun without faith, we can’t be in faith if we’re in fear, and we are in fear when we have no faith and aren’t having fun

Wellness : An Avocado A Day ~ Anna Hunt

If you ask your friends if an avocado is a fruit or vegetable they may not know, but they’ll probably be able to tell you that avocados are high in fat. This fact about the mild-flavored green fruit (yes, avocados are fruits, or more specifically large berries) has given avocados a bad rap as a contributor to obesity,

Evolution : In Between Eclipses ~ Dana MrKich

The irony of growth is that right before a leap forward, you can often feel a heaviness or restriction. If you can imagine energy trying to expand beyond the space it has previously been confined to, before it can bust out of those walls it has to breakdown or breakthrough them.

Power Of Intention ~ Laura Jane

Your intention is like a sculptor, collaborating with the universe in molding your future. How defined your desired outcome is formed in future potential depends on how much you believe in your personal power when you form your intention.

HeForShe SheForHe ~ Karen Clark

Recently UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Watson, delivered a powerful speech at the UN to launch the HeForShe Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality. HeForShe invites men to join and support women in the fight for women’s equality and strives to reframe feminism from its man-hating stigma to a movement that seeks to benefit men and women alike by

Where The Warrior Comes In ~ Ida Lawrence

At this moment in time, as we stand on the precipice of devolution or evolution, what does ‘pay attention’ mean to us? Our hearts seek wisdom and courage, and the justified faith that attention can bring. We came into this, so is attention the price of being born… an obligation? At the moment I’m thinking […]