Return To The Wild ~ Samantha Wilson

Like so many others of my generation, we are the pioneers who refuse to be tied to an office chair for most of our working life but no desire to live the life of a drop out. We are carving our own way, each different to the individual. More and more people are embracing the uncertainty of

Shine ~ Karen Clark

Wild and fierce flames dance in the ritual bonfire. I stand in a small circle with my powerful companions feeding the fire with the magical energies of this great time of change and upheaval in our human world. In turn, we let the Mysteries speak through us. It is the Dark Mother who comes to me and this is what

How To Live A Holistic Life With Colour ~ Lien Potgieter

Colour is all around us – in nature, in our wardrobes, homes and food. It is even in our speech. How often have you heard people say, “They were green with envy”, “I am feeling blue today”? What makes colour so amazing as a guide for holistic living is that it is accessible and fun. From now on, we

Transiting Venus In Pisces ~ Nadia Gilchrist

Venus in Pisces. She can lose herself in this sign. Love and attraction is idealized and/or delusional. Romance is magical, because it’s all possible. Material accumulation matters less, and money can slide away from you like water. Values are fluid. You need a strong sense of who you are and what you want with this transit, because Pisces blurs

Yoga for Concentration Eases Hyperactivity ~ Anna Hunt

Improving your concentration will help with what many might view as simple tasks, such as reading a book, but for some it will also help with so much more… improving their ability to handle difficult situations with other people, solving complex problems by creating innovative solutions, understanding and being open to listening to others’ point of view, and advancing

Don’t Date A Mystic ~ Alison Nappi

Don’t date a mystic, if you want the life you have. If you are comfortable and cozy, stay away. Whatever you have built around yourself to create comfort: it cannot stand in the blazing fire of a mystical woman. She is no trophy. She is no bodily pleasure-maker. She is the seer of souls

New Moon in Aquarius: Cauterize the Past ~ Nadia Gilchrist

The upcoming New Moon (on January 20th) is at 0 degrees Aquarius. It happens on the same day that Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) makes an exact conjunction to the transiting South Node (a culminating situation) in Aries. It also coincides with the Sun’s ingress to Aquarius, so if your birthday is on January 20th, this New Moon will be

The Season Of The Sacred Feminine ~ Karen Clark

Outside my windows right now, a wild wind is blowing. The trees bend and swirl in its fierce, unrelenting force. Somewhere on my island home, trees will be falling over, root systems exposed to the bright light of day, power systems shutting down, and homes returning to a simpler, natural ethos of candlelight, fire heat and going to bed

A Wild Woman Is Not A Girlfriend ~ Alison Nappi

But can you love me in the deep? In the dark? In the thick of it? Can you love me when I drink from the wrong bottle and slip through the crack in the floorboard? Can you love me when I’m bigger than you, when my presence blazes like the sun does, when it hurts to look directly at me? Can you

5 Steps To A Successful Romance ~ Kari Samuels

It’s the stuff that dreams are made of. The fantasy usually goes like this: You meet someone wildly attractive during a chance encounter; it’s love at first sight. You recognize this person as your soul mate, you “know” they’re the one, and the two of you live happily ever after.

Earth Consciousness ~ Laura Jane

You may be aware there are different levels of consciousness and that consciousness evolves from lower to higher levels of awareness. You may also know of the “universal consciousness” that connects and effects us all. Did you also happen to know that planetary bodies have consciousness?

Let it Happen: Mars’ Transit of Pisces ~ Nadia Gilchrist

Action planet Mars enters dreamy Pisces on January 12th. This is a notoriously uncomfortable sign for Mars, because Pisces dissolves his will and dampens his fire. This can be a transit where action is confused, diffused or put off because it’s easier to drift than act. Pisces is about allowing things to happen, and Mars wants to

Beauty In The Belly Of The Dark ~ Karen Clark

Beauty sleeps in the belly of the dark, be it the seeds of the green growth of Spring, the powers and mysteries of the unknown, and our own dormant gifts and potential. Yet the dark has a gatekeeper; our pain, losses and the denied, repressed parts of our life story and humanity also await us in the belly of

Lessons In Life ~ Samantha Wilson

Walking along the beach a few weeks ago, I watched one of my dogs chase a crab along the shore. Laughing to myself as she was oh so close to catching it until it popped down a hole. The sight triggered a long forgotten memory from my travels 10 years ago. Boxing Day on the Andaman