The Gospel According To The Created ~ Debra Doggett

I was once married to Paul McCartney. Yep, that Paul McCartney. In my head. Until my sister claimed it was her turn to be Mrs. McCartney. It was one of our favorite games. We had it bad. There’s a reason the word fan is the beginning of fanatic. Remember all those shots

Thirteen Mothers ~ Joy Barrett

I find that I am often in that contemplative state. Feeling the energies around me. In order to feel them means I really have to pay attention. So, I do my best to stay connected to the beauty of Nature in some form. Even through these long winter months. My way of staying connected is to truly observe the

Be Brave : Dance With The Extraordinary ~ Karen Clark

Be brave: step outside of the world that you know, with its comforting but constricting ways, into the wider, wilder world of what else is true, what else is possible. Let go of your masks, beliefs and habituation of thoughts, even if only for a brief moment of time. Empty yourself and dip your toe into something deliciously, radically

After The Uranus/Pluto Square : The Next Big Thing ~ Nadia Gilchrist

Now that the Uranus/Pluto square is over, what’s the next, outer planet mashup? A few months ago, a commenter asked me what the next big thing was, and their question inspired this post. This is not an exhaustive list. I’m only touching on the major aspects over the next, few years. And I’m only including aspects between Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

Why Energy Healers Are Not Miracle Workers ~ Samantha Wilson

It doesn't happen very often but every now and again, I'll mention Energy Healing to someone who has no knowledge or interest in anything deemed spiritual. It happened yesterday and the gentleman said in jest “what are you? A bloody miracle healer?” with a chuckle which I took in good grace and laughed along with him.

Venus’ Transit Of Taurus ~ Nadia Gilchrist

Venus entered Taurus on the 17th March 2015, where she is at full strength. What began in Aries is capitalized on in Taurus. While there is strong attraction potential, the overriding energy is making the most of what you already have. Taurus is about personal resources, and getting what you need to survive. Venus in Taurus is sensual, and can

Be Bold : Claim Your Inner Sovereignity ~ Karen Clark

A dream vision: I am sitting on a throne, bearing the full regalia of a queen — crown, ring, scepter and royal robe. When I look around, I am surrounded by infinite thrones, interconnected by a web of silver, shimmering threads — one for every person, creature and life form on the living Earth. And I know that when

New Moon Eclipse and the Spring Equinox ~ Nadia Gilchrist

This eclipse is a balance between endings and beginnings. The beginnings are obvious. The endings are emphasized because the eclipse takes place in the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac. 29 degrees Pisces is concentrated dissolution; every invalid thing must be released to make room for Aries’ new beginnings.

12 Common Symbols In Dreams And What They Mean ~ Anna Hunt

Dreams give us an opportunity to look into our subconscious mind and may allow for a deeper understanding of personal psychological transformation during waking life. Much of the scientific study about the interpretation of the messages that we are given in our dreams has been based on the work of Carl Jung, a well-respected psychologist and psychiatrist, who believed

The Final Uranus/Pluto Square: Where Will You Land? ~ Nadia Gilchrist

We’re approaching the last chapter of the Uranus/Pluto square. By now, you’re probably familiar with the Uranus/Pluto square agenda. Pluto in Capricorn digs up the foundations of the past, and Uranus in Aries illuminates what’s revealed with the light of clarity and future possibilities. Acceleration away from the outmoded traditions of the past.

Spring Equinox : Tending Your Holy Hungers ~ Karen Clark

The wheel of the year turns to the Spring Equinox. Our bodies and souls respond to the primal prompting of spring. We sense an inner quickening in the presence of chartreuse buds, warm, green-world scented breezes, and the amorous, vocal courting of birds. Dormant hungers begin to wake up inside of us, along with their promptings to shift

3 Life Lessons From The Fitting Room ~ Rebecca Santilli

What if I told you that the moment you walk into the fitting room at your favorite store to try on clothes, you are actually being given an opportunity to choose A or B: A. To continue to run on the hamster wheel of self-deprecation and play the “I’m not ____ enough game.” B. To practice some easy techniques

Taming Your Untameable Self ~ Kelsey Ircsik Teeley

Happiness, love, joy, harmony and peace is what we all strive for in our daily lives, we understand, need and embrace these emotions. Whereas, we push to the back of our minds our thoughts of fear, guilt, lust, control, revenge and anger. It is taboo to recognise any of these traits in ourselves. So we ignore the darkness?

Dark Night Of The Soul ~ Nadia Gilchrist

Saint John of the Cross wrote a poem about the journey of the soul from the body, to a union with God, and called it “Dark Night of the Soul.” It describes the fear and pain that comes from spiritual growth, when you’re dangling over the abyss. The journey is full of risk, because there’s no guarantees.