I AM – Alisha Lockhart


I should be seen. Not heard.
This is what they tell me.
Iʼm not fast enough or tall enough.
Iʼm much too delicate. Iʼll break a nail.
I donʼt have the right temperament.
Itʼs not in my nature.

Why canʼt you shut up?
Why do you talk so loud?
Where is your makeup?
Are you going to wear that?
Thatʼs not lady like.

But I want more than a broom and apron.
Iʼm not interested in cooking.
I want to yell, “Fuck you!” once in a while.
Iʼm weary of being stifled, controlled.
Iʼm weary of compliance.

So what if I let the hair grow between my thighs?
So what if I yell in the street at injustice?
So what if I have a vagina?
Maybe I donʼt feel like conforming.
Maybe thereʼs a fire in my belly.
Maybe Iʼm more than youʼve judged.

Iʼm going to stay in your face.
Iʼm never going to shut up.
Iʼm going to laugh and take risks.
Make mistakes and venture again.
Iʼm going with my instincts.
Use my head less and heart more.
Listen to the trees.
Take my advice from the waves.
The hawks will be my eyes now.
The rich soil, my fingers.
Iʼm returning to the great Mother.

Why, do you ask?

So others can be loud.
So others can be heard.
To say a big, “Fuck You!” to those who say I canʼt.
Because I can.
I Am

Iʼm not less. Iʼm more.
More than you think.
More than my past.
More. Always capable of more.

I flourish and increase.
Iʼm possibilities and unlimited.
Iʼm the beginning and the end.
I am that I am.

Alisha Lockhart


alishaAbout Alisha – I love exploring all the possibilities that life has to offer as a wild woman and I must admit that I revel in talking candidly about what it means to be a wild woman in a world that wants to suppress that in me. My sincerest hope is that my journey will open the hearts and minds of women to be free to be themselves and to live authentically. It is my purpose to stand up when others are afraid to and make sure that others learn to use their voices. I live with intention and deliberation and reject fear.




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